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DHomesb Chapter 2 Exam Answers


Q.1 Which computer component is considered the nerve center of the computer system and is responsible for processing all of the data within the machine ?  RAM
video card
sound card
operating system

Q.2 What are two advantages of purchasing a preassembled computer ? (Choose two.)

 usually a lower cost 
exact components may be specified
extended waiting period for assembly
 adequate for performing most general applications 
suited for customers with special needs

Q.3 A user plans to run multiple applications simultaneously on a computer. Which computer component is essential to accomplish this ?

video card
sound card
storage device

Q.4 Which adapter card enables a computer system to exchange information with other systems on a local network ?

modem card
controller card
video card
sound card
network interface card 

Q.5 What is the main storage drive used by servers, desktops, and laptops ?

tape drive
hard drive 
optical drive (DVD)
floppy disk drive

Q.6 Which component is designed to remove high-voltage spikes and surges from a power line so that they do not damage a computer system ?

 surge suppressor 
hard drive

Q.7 What are two examples of output peripheral devices ? (Choose two.)

flash drive
external DVD
external modem

Q.8 What two functions does a UPS provide that a surge protector does not ? (Choose two.)

protects the computer from voltage surges
 provides backup power from an internal battery 
protects the computer from sudden voltage spikes
gives the user time to phone the electrical company
 gives the user time to safely shut down the computer if the power fails 
provides backup power through a generator provided by the wall outlet

Q.9 What is a word processor ?

It is a physical computer component.
 It is a program designed to perform a specific function. 
It is a program that controls the computer resources.
It is a functional part of an operating system.

Q.10 What is the purpose of the ASCII code ?

translates bits into bytes
interprets graphics digitally
translates digital computer language into binary language
 represents letters, characters, and numbers with bits

Q.11 Why do servers often contain duplicate or redundant parts ?

Servers require more power and thus require more components.
Servers should be accessible at all times. 
Servers can be designed as standalone towers or rack mounted.
Servers are required by networking standards to have duplicate parts.

Q.12 What are two benefits of hooking up a laptop to a docking station ? (Choose two.)

Mobility is increased.
An external monitor can be used. 
 Alternate connectivity options may be available.
The keyboard can be changed to a QWERTY-style keyboard.
More wireless security options are available.

Q.13 Applications can be grouped into general use software or industry specific software. What are two examples of industry specific software ? (Choose two.)

word processing
medical practice management 
contacts/scheduling management

Q.14 Which three terms describe different types of computers ? (Choose three.)

operating system

Q.15 How is a server different from a workstation computer ?

The server works as a standalone computer.
The server provides services to clients. 
The workstation has fewer applications installed.
The workstation has more users who attach to it.

Q.16 How many values are possible using a single binary digit ?



Q.17 What measurement is commonly associated with computer processing speed ?


Q.18 What can be used to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) ?

dry and non humid conditions
carpeted floor
 grounding strap 
uncluttered work space

Q.19 If a peripheral device is not functioning, what are three things you should do to solve the problem ? (Choose three.)

Use the testing functionality on the peripheral itself, if available. 
 Verify that all cables are connected properly. 
Disconnect all cables connected to the computer except those connected to the peripheral.
Ensure that the peripheral is powered on. 
Disconnect the peripheral and verify that the computer is operating normally.
Reload the computer operating system

Q.20 Which two steps should be performed when installing a peripheral device ? (Choose two.)

 Download and install the most current driver. 
Connect the peripheral using any cable and any available port on the computer.
Connect the peripheral using an appropriate cable or wireless connection. 
Test the peripheral on another machine before installing it on the one where it will be used.
Check the computer documentation to see if the peripheral vendor is compatible with the PC vendor
Q.21 In newer operating systems, how are system resources assigned by default when components are installed ?

manually assigned by the operating system
manually assigned by the administrator
statically assigned by the component to a preset resource
dynamically assigned between the component and the operating system

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